About us

PARODUS is a Swiss brand which embodies affordable luxury. We provide you with elegant and unique watches without an excessive price tag. PARODUS original was born from friendship and the spirit to create in 2015 by Timothy Peter and Severin Müller.

We are two watch enthusiasts born and raised in Switzerland ambitioned to unite contemporary design with watchmaking history. Our timekeepers are powered by automatic movements. These mechanical marvels give each watch their own soul and make it more than just an accessory. Fine mechanics combined with distinctive design and best value for money make PARODUS unique. The watch wearer’s knowledge that the interior mechanisms of the watch is the product of mankind’s ageless craftsmanship and innovation is just part of the essence we want to pass on.

"The automatic movement – a technical marvel that has lasted for centuries."

When not worn for some time, a PARODUS can be revived almost instantaneously with manual winding or hand movement. This sense of satisfaction when recharging a watch can never be felt in a quartz watch.

The passion of an Automatic combined with distinctive design at an affordable price. That is what we do.

- Severin and Tim